California Retirees – Do You Know What Your Greatest Financial Risk Is?

by Karl on November 24, 2011[printfriendly]

California Retirees – Do You Know
What Your Greatest Financial Risk Is?
by Karl Kim, CFP, CLTC
Hope that You Had a Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for and longevity is one of them. Census data just released shows that there are almost 2 million people 90 years and older in this country. That’s triple what it was just 30 short years ago.

But with long life comes long term chronic illnesses like arthritis, Parkinson’s, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease.
As we talked about in our last newsletter, 1 in 2 people age 85 and older, have Alzheimer’s.

Friends, the greatest financial risk that you will face in retirement is NOT the stock market or taxes, it is …

paying for long term care

In our workshop, we show an actual nursing home bill of a case that we worked on this year.

Hold on to your hats! The bill just for the month of June was over


That’s over $312,000 for one year …
and here's the thing that our client did NOT know …
they didn't have to pay for this with their own money!

This is why I wrote this book!

Planning for and knowing how to prepare for an unexpected healthcare crisis is something EVERYONE needs to know.

Everything that you have sacrificed, worked and saved for all of your life could be wiped out in a split second.

How much is your home worth? $100,000? $250,000? $1,000,000?

How much in cash and investment do you have? $25,000? $100,000 or more?

How much in retirement accounts? $50,000? $250,000? $1,000,000?

Do you want all of this to go to a nursing home or the government?


Do you want it to go to your spouse and family?

This is what’s at stake for you and your family!

Jam packed and crammed into this book is our twenty years of knowledge and experiences dealing with Medicare, Medi-Cal, living trusts and more. Like packing a suitcase that is too small for all of your stuff, I squeezed, molded, reshaped and sometimes even sat on the information to make it all fit into this book.

Then I rewrote it countless times to make it so easy to read that even a 7th grader could understand it. There are pictures and charts so it is not a boring book.

There is no jargon and other complicated terms. You can get through it in about an hour or so.

The book is specifically for California unlike the rest of the books out there. This is what works here in California and nowhere else!

This is the best Christmas present that you can buy for yourself or loved one

One of our clients bought five books as Christmas presents for her friends after she read the book.

For more information or to buy the ebook now, click here. There is also an mp3 available so you can put it on your ipod.

Please call the office at 714-994-0599 if you have any questions or need help.
We are here to serve you and family before it's too late!
Karl Kim, CFP, CLTC is the President of Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc. and is a Medi-Cal specialist. He has submitted over 1000 applications with a 99.9% success rate over the past twenty years with a 99.9% success rate. This is meant to be an educational article. Do not make any decisions solely on the information contained herein. Consult your tax advisors, financial planner and attorney before taking any action. We are not responsible for any inaccuracies or misinformation.  
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