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"7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In A Long Term Care Crisis"


Dear Fellow Californian,

No one ever expects a healthcare crisis to happen to them or their loved one. Getting the right information and help is very hard to find, especially when it comes to how California's Medi-Cal Program REALLY works.

The harsh reality is that many families are completely unaware and nearly go into shock when they have to pay a monthly nursing home bill that is 3 to 5 times their normal living expenses. They’re terrified of going broke if their loved one needs care for an extended period of time because they have seen it happen to people they know.

People are spending countless sleepless nights trying to find answers to questions like:

  • Are we going to lose the family home and all of our life savings?
  • How are we going to live?
  • Is it even possible for my loved one to get the quality care they need without us going broke and living like a homeless person?

Our office has been helping people get the answers to those questions and many more for over 20 years. We have real life, in the trenches experience with California's  Medicare and Medi-Cal rules and regulations …. what works and what doesn't … We’ve saved over a thousand people and families from being wiped out by the long term care epidemic that is raging through California!

It's time to separate the FACTS from the FICTION that is out there!

You have got to know the truth so that you know what your options really look like and where you stand.

This free report will help with that!

Have you been tossing and turning at night asking yourself questions like:

  • Does Medicare REALLY pay for nursing home costs?

    • (37% of Californians surveyed got this WRONG! and the answer will SHOCK YOU!)
  • Is there really a difference between Medicaid, Medicare and Medi-Cal?

    • (The information is just so confusing. Seems like they are all pretty much the same, right? no … No ... NO!!)
  • Are we going to have to sell the house to pay for all of this?

    • (NOT if you know how to answer this one question correctly! Answer it incorrectly and the house is GONE!)

Inside this 22 page report you will find the answers to those questions and some other information that will have you shaking your head in SHOCK and ANGER!! Ignorance of the facts is NOT BLISS. It is the path to FINANCIAL DEVASTATION … which sadly, for most people would have been  totally avoidable had they decided to get educated and GET THE FACTS FIRST! Don't let this happen to you!!

This report will open your eyes to just a few of the shenanigans that are being played at our expense all over the state of California. If you want to know about the rest of them, I can help. My office knows the rules. And we work together with you so that you don't end up being just another statistic. We have 99.9% success rate helping the people who chose to work with us.

Grab this FREE Report TODAY!

It could change your loved ones future for the better forever!

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“7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In A Long Term Care Crisis”


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