How Will Obamacare Affect California Medi-Cal?

by Karl on June 28, 2012[printfriendly]

I was in a meeting recently where the speaker was a healthcare consultant speaking about the future of healthcare reform and how it would affect the healthcare system in this State.

She stated that regardless of whether or not Obamacare was struck down, insurance companies were already implementing changes in how they did business.

Cited as an example was the St. Joseph's healthcare system (of which I am a member through Anthem Blue Cross PPO). What would be the end result would be that if I went to St. Jude's hospital (part of St. Joseph's), I would have to use a St. Jude doctor and upon discharge go to a rehab facility in the area. I would not have freedom of choice to go to somewhere like Keiro.

Everything would be based on geography. Freedom of choice would be gone.

Residents in long term care facilities that are dual eligible, know as Medi/Medi or Medicare/Medi-Cal, are being told that they will have to belong to a HMO. This is to save the State money. But in my opinion, this would decrease quality of care.

Medicare is also going to be affected by Obamacare because the $500 billion being used to fund it is coming from Medicare. So that means seniors will be directly impacted in a negative way by Obamacare. 

Obviously more to come……


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