Don't Go Broke Paying The Nursing Home!!
How Californians Can Protect Their Homes,
Cash and Retirement Accounts
Medi-Cal Application and Qualification Planning Services

·         Income and Asset Evaluation
·         Estate Planning Review
·         Implementation of Appropriate Asset Preservation Strategies if Over in Countable Assets
·         Gather Required Documents
·         Preparation of Medi-Cal Application
·         Submission of Application via UPS Overnight
·         On-going Monitoring and Communication with Medi-Cal Case Worker
·         Share of Cost Calculation
·         Notify Facility of Share of Cost Calculation
·         Upon Approval, Separation of Accounts for Married Couple
·         Submit Proof of Separation to Medi-Cal Case Worker
·         Medi-Cal Advantage HMO Disenrollment if Requested
·         Medi-Cal Advantage Part D Enrollment if Requested
·         Coordination with Attorney of New Estate Planning Documents
·         Coordination of Quit Claim with Attorney to Prevent Recovery

Annual Redeterminations

·         Preparation and Submission via UPS Overnight of Annual Redetermination


·         Notification of Death to Recovery Department
·         Preparation and Submission of Estate Recovery Questionnaire
·         Communication with Recovery Technician

Individual Hourly Consultations
·         Medi-Cal Pre-Planning
·         Estate Planning Review
·         Case Rescue
·         Long Term Care Insurance
·         Plan of Care Recommendations
·         Financial Planning Analysis
·         And More …….